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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Our environmental perspective

As a business that processes dairy products and due to the personal conviction of the owner Karl Georg Geßler, environmentally compatible production is especially important to us. In addition to the well-known measures for separating and preventing waste, the use of energy-saving lamps, and other conventional measures, we are continuously working on environmental measures.


We have already implemented the following, for example:

Using a combined heat and power plant, we produce about 30% of the electricity we use ourselves. The waste heat from motor cooling systems and exhaust gases is stored in a 350,000 liter heat storage tank and is used to heat rooms and to heat milk.

In addition to the more effective use of oil as a primary source of energy, we are also able to reduce peaks in demand. We also utilize the waste heat from cooling equipment. This heat is also stored and used to heat process water and buildings. We were able to completely do without an active heating system in our new building. Our entire heat requirement is covered in the summer as well as in winter by the heat recovered.

By combining the data from the door access control system, the employee time recording system, and the building management system, we control lighting and the temperature in the offices and common areas. This ensures that rooms will only be heated and the lights switched on when employees are present. The natural light available is measured by light sensors, and the data is used to switch the artificial lighting on and off automatically in stages. This ensures that only the lamps really needed are switched on.

Fresh water is used for several purposes at our company: first, to cool the whey, then as rinsing water, and finally as pre-rinsing water for cleaning purposes. Wherever possible, we refrain from using chemical disinfectants and use thermal disinfection methods instead. We have completely stopped using sodium hypochlorite.

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